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Fuse board and SwitchGear

Upgrading an old consumer unit to one incorporating (RCDs) Residual Current Devices, is a job that many people will now have to consider. The 17th edition of the wiring regulations requires most circuits in a domestic property to be protected by an RCD. It is a better and cheaper option to upgrade your consumer unit rather than alter the existing installation unless the installation is of an old nature and require it to be replaced in order to comply with the new regulations. It is a requirement that all consumer units should be easily reachable and be mounted with the switches at a height of between 0.45m & 1.2m above floor level, and if this is not the case then you are not complying with the new set of regulations.

There are 5 good reasons for upgrading your Consumer Unit:

  • Protects your wiring and appliances
  • Easy switch reset function
  • Protects against electrical shock hazard
  • Ready for house upgrades, extensions/conversions etc.
  • Modern,safe panel and switches

Split and single load comsumer unit - from £350 For Installation.